Tidings of Madness and Joy: The A, B, C’s of the Great Old Ones

Beyond the bounds of madness…

Welcome, welcome, one and all! Look! Look and see all the Madness! Look and see all the Power! Look and see all the Nameless Terrors! Come along and learn about the futility of fighting against the Great Old Ones!

What We Want

Tidings of Madness and Joy – The A,B,C’s of the Great Old Ones is an adult coloring book with the themes and monsters inspired and created by H.P. Lovecraft. We are looking for line art for the inside and a full color piece for the cover. We want fun, imaginative, crazy, dark, spooky, and all the other wonderful things associated with the mad monsters and visions of Lovecraft’s mythos.

Publishing Details

Lead editor for this anthology is Bill Otto. The anthology is open to submissions now and will close when filled. This is a single anthology that has no regular release date, though we may use the idea again in the future.

Submission Details

We are looking for 28 pieces of black and white line art for the inside of the book and one full color piece for the front cover. The pages we are looking for are listed below. The reason that only the name or a general description is because we want you to use your imaginations and go wild and have fun with this stuff.

One of the great things about the Great Old Ones (aside from their terror and madness inducing greatness) is the fact that their descriptions are pretty general. Most people envision Cthulhu as a big, scaly humanoid monster with an octopus for a head. Some of the monsters chosen for this project have an even more generalized “description”, so feel free to make it your own and bring the monster to life the way you see fit. There really isn’t a wrong way to do it and we’ll pick based on what we think is the most appropriate picture for what we’re going for. In short, have fun!

We highly recommend you do some research on your chosen subject. Google was our friend in finding all of these fiends, it can help you as well.

Page Descriptions

Unless otherwise specified, all you need to do is find a description of the name listed and draw a black and white piece of line art for submission. We have no specifics we are looking for when it’s simply the name of the one of the Great Old Ones.

  • We’re looking for something wild and beautiful, something to really draw the eye in glorious full color.

  • For the first image in the book we’d like to see something of a group photo with several of the old ones in it.

  • EI’LOR
  • FEAR
  • It should be noted this isn’t a Great Old One. This is the emotion of fear. Try to show us fear and make us feel it.

  • The laughter of madness is what we’re going for here. Bleeding eyes are welcome, but not necessary.

  • Q’YTH-AZ
  • The tense feeling of fear or not knowing, anxiousness, etc. Another emotion and not necessarily a Great Old One. They don’t all have alphabetical letters. I did my best, now you do your best.

  • YIG
  • The end of the book. The world has been conquered by one or all of these happy monstrosities from beyond time and space. Show us a world where humanity is enslaved, conquered, maddened, or whatever. Silly is also acceptable, so if you want to have Cthulhu and his pals playing poker like those dogs, go for it. Can’t say it WILL get accepted, but it’s not wrong.


    The full color cover art will receive $15.

    Line art will receive $8.

    Everyone who has a piece of art accepted will also receive a contributor’s copy of the book.

    How to Submit

    Submit your work to infiniteotto@gmail.com

    Submit your art as a JPG or PNG only. Make sure you put TIDINGS in the subject line of your email, your last name, and the page name you are submitting for.

    Here’s an example: “TIDINGS – Lovecraft – Cthulhu”

    Please send a different email for each different attachment with the specific page in the subject line. Do not include multiple attachments in a single email; we will likely delete these without response. You must also include your name, address, and PayPal address (or a different payment preference) in your email.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to send them to infiniteotto@gmail.com