Scifaikuest November 2016

DOOR Halfway Dead by Ivana Kat

Greetings and Happy Halloween! I hope you had an exceptional holiday.
Speaking of exceptional, we’ve plenty of scary poetry and some thought provoking artwork in this issue as well. Our wonderful Online Door is Halfway Dead, by Ivana Kat, and our Print Cover is Steampunk Girl, by Sandy DeLuca, a digitally rendered piece of perfection. We also have FOUR black and white illustrations in the Print edition: Graveyard Reckoning by Bob Correia and “Pharaoh Donovan” by Robert E. Porter and “Last Flight to Nagasaki” by Robert E Porter, as well as From the Deep and From the Limb, both by Denny Marshall.
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A huge welcome and Happy Halloween to our newest contributors: Ash Krafton and Theresa Lockhart

And now we take you on a scarier-than-usual Scifaikuest!

behind me


is there room for conscience
gray matter in Gray skulls
more studies needed

Ash Krafton

great Martian hall
founded by humans
will it be named Marshall?

Denny E. Marshall

no sheets on the bed
ran away from home to play
ghost on Halloween

Denny E. Marshall

my new world age –
standard Earth years or
six stasis years less?

Lauren McBride

Herb Kauderer

the line forms to see
natural beauty dazzles
one eye at a time

in my pocket
a little sun
warming my day

John Reinhart

paranoid vampire –
every odd shape
is a crucifix

Francis W. Alexander

traveling light years
ships from every quadrant
bring family home

William Landis

to autopilot—
Horsehead Nebula

Joshua Gage

trickling from the lip
of the satellite dish
lunar dust

Joshua Gage

Sapkota crater
the long stretch
of headstone shadows

Joshua Gage

she brings daisy seeds
to plant in terraformed soil
Army kids miss Earth

Theresa Lockhart

first alien production of Hamlet —
three eye sockets
in Yorick’s skull

John J. Dunphy


dead poets
rime is on
their side

LeRoy Gorman


finding fault,
fed-up former flyer
files for
firmer FTL

Lauren McBride

two-seat spacecraft
husband and wife explorers
unexpected fight –
where to go
to cool off?

Lauren McBride

rain in the desert
parched sandscapes dimple
each sand grain changing
melting into something strange
as the tainted droplets fall

Marcie Tentchoff


his world is not round
Herb Kauderer

asteroid hermit
transforms happy stone to home
leaves no welcome mat

[untitled zappai]
Herb Kauderer

flower in her hair
enabling symbiote
lets her fly in space


unstoppable force
Herb Kauderer

desert world
burning cannot stop
life generating from carbon
new forms able to
live without


Halloween Horror
by Guy Belleranti

A knocking comes at the door.

“Trick or treat,” calls a voice. A familiar voice.

He peers through the peephole and staggers backwards. Impossible.

“Trick or treat,” the voice calls again.

Can’t be. It just can’t be!

Other voices join the first. “Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat.”

“No,” he moans. “Go away. Go away.”

But they don’t go away. They step right through the door, a solid door, a door of wood and steel….

justice is served
ghosts of the dead
kill serial killer


Herb Kauderer is an associate professor of English at Hilbert College, and has published a lot of poetry. More about his work can be found at

Ash Krafton (@AshKrafton) writes speculative fiction and poetry. She’s also the author of novel-length fiction, including the Demimonde trilogy and The Heartbeat Thief (under the pen name AJ Krafton). Krafton is a member of SFPA and Pennwriters and writes for the QueryTracker blog. She lurks in the heart of the Pennsylvania coal region but can be spotted at

Theresa Lockhart: My poetry is forthcoming in Kaleidotrope, and earlier this month Every Day Poems published one of my poems. I am a middle and high school Spanish teacher who also loves to teach Zumba, read novels about Dune, hike, and volunteer at my local Humane Society. I live with my husband and two cats in Michigan.