Scifaikuest May 2018

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The High Lake, by Marge Simon

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Our wonderful door art is The High Lake , by Marge Simon.

Our PRINT cover is Attack from the Space Fabric Rip , by Denny Marshall, and in that issue you will also find FOUR black and white illustrations: New Colony , by John Reinhart, “The Skull Monster” , by one of our youngest contributors, Jack Foo, The PUSH Button , by Denny Marshall and Bubble-helmed graph , by Robert E Porter.

Also in the PRINT issue, we have two instructive articles, Becoming an American Sijo Poet , by Nissa Annakindt, and Can Do Ku, by Robert E Porter.

Our Featured Poet this time, is Gordon Brown, and you won’t want to miss his hauntingly evocative–yet amazingly succinct–poetry. Gordon is a first-time contributor (welcome, Gordon!), and new to writing poetry as well, which tells you how taken I was with his poems, to have immediately Featured his work. You can find out more about this novice poet, in the FEATURED POET INTERVIEW in our PRINT version.

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lazy days
in the Martian sky
C02 cloud-shapes



late summer cold
the gardeners of Mars
have gone to seed

LeRoy Gorman


modern angel
opens her eyes
neural software activating

Gabriel Smithwilson

ants marching
the salvagers
of UFO wreckage

Gabriel Smithwilson

New Mexico roadside
hitchhiker sticking out
a little green thumb

Gabriel Smithwilson

mouth closed, nostrils plugged
transmigration of his soul
aborted for once

nirvana by Benjamin Whitney Norris

“perfect ten” babe
cryogenically preserved
absolute zero

discount, by Benjamin Whitney Norris

strip club restroom
a large-mouth alien
blow-dries my hands

John J. Dunphy

suicide bomber
android pilot
fulfilling programming

Robert Shmigelsky

nauseated like
suckling on deaths eager teat
space motion sickness

William Landis

the skies were light blue
till the sun was blotted out
the day they arrived

William Landis

Herb Kauderer

space condos clutter
sorted by income bracket
the poor dream of sun

alien charm —
his first gift to me
was a tracking collar

Julie Bloss Kelsey

Luna Bar, 5:00 O’clock
7, 8, 9, 10, 13, helmets stacked outside decompression room
shaky hands

Todd Trulock

nature hike
on the way back
trees are closer

Greg Schwartz

P Forms by Denny Marshall


stems of thickened blood
piercings through a shredded coat
hardened pale as straw

crucified upon a stake
birds do not attend this wake

~ Scarecrow’s History, by WH Blackwell

two puncture wounds
to the chest
her soul slides out
the great unknown
slithers in

Julie Bloss Kelsey


moon, Earth’s anchor
a drag on her rotation

slowing the ferocious flight
and lengthening her days

resisting, she is pulled
along the barren seabed of space

~ Shelly Bryant


The fires were all burnt out, the heavy clouds of ash were all fallen to earth. A wan sun shone in a milky sky, covered by a veil of fine smoke, yet now strong enough to bring light to the long-darkened land. Among the cold cinders, breaking an uniform gray landscape, a single spot of green gleamed.

under a pallid sky,
through gray ash on scorched soil,
two seed leaves appear

— Banks Miller

MY FAVORITE POEM by editor, t. santitoro

ants marching
the salvagers
of UFO wreckage

Gabriel Smithwilson

Perfectly concise. Nice ah-ha moment. Well done!

Will H. Blackwell, Jr. is an emeritus
professor (Botany), Miami University (Ohio), presently adjunct
professor (Biological Sciences) at The University of Alabama where he
continues research on microscopic, parasitic, water-borne fungi.

Shelly Bryant

John Dunphy

LeRoy Gorman

Herb K

Julie Bloss Kelsey enjoys writing short-form poetry, especially scifaiku. She lives in Maryland with her husband, three kids, a dog, and three fish. Julie is fond of the Oxford comma.

William Landis: a public school teacher and weekend warrior from the increasingly radical state of North Carolina. Seriously though, for years our Southern neighbor South Carolina was known as the backwards state. Suddenly we are the laughing stock of our nation.

Denny Marshall

Banks Miller has been writing poetry from an early age, but only began submitting it for publication in 2008. Banks graduated from Texas A&M University with a Biology degree in 2011 and now works in the air pollution/emissions testing field. He has had poetry published in Star*Line, Inkscrawl, The Fifth Di…, Illumen, and Sorcerous Signals as well as Scifaikuest.

Benjamin Whitney Norris

Greg Schwartz

Robert S

Marge Simon

Gabriel Smithwilson

Todd Trulock is a Writer and Professor