Scifaikuest February 2017

joker style_Teresa Tunaley
DOOR Joker Style by Teresa Tunaley

Happy New Year, and Happy Valentine’s Day!
By now, we have a new President in the US, and hopefully a united country, now that the elections are over. Not all of us are happy with the results, but we can get past that, and start fixing the many things that need fixing, starting with the trouble at Standing Rock–hopefully in a way that will protect both the Native American lands and their water for their Tribal future, and for that of all of our children’s future. Just sayin’ that I stand with Standing Rock, and global ecology as well.
Our lovely and colorful Door artwork is Joker Style by the equally lovely Teresa Tunaley.
In this, our Valentine’s Day issue, we have many new poets, especially in our PRINT edition.
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A big Scifaikuest Welcome to our newest contributors: Billy Antonio, Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Amber Logan, Lee Strong, OFS.

off world colonists
who gave them
the right?


Medal of Valor
his textbook salute
with a prosthetic tentacle

~ Joshua Gage

a golden future
predicted the oracle
flames engulfing our outpost

~ John Reinhart

Olympic race
the alien athlete pledged to run
on just two legs

~ John J. Dunphy

Galactic Museum
its Extinct Civilizations wing
filled with Earth artifacts

~ John J. Dunphy

lunar archaeologists rejoice
finding holy grail:
Buzz Aldren’s boot print

~ Hillary Lyon

in the cracks
some new life

~ Eric Otto

day three
everyone is kissing

~ Eric Otto

emerging from
the draperies of stars
a spectral spaceship strobes

~ David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

my disgust as I go about
another again

~ ayaz daryl nielsen

after first contact
chilled, he reminds himself
be careful what you wish for

~ Lisa Timpf

staring at space
metallic eyes pierce
the dark atmosphere

~ Billy Antonio

in the termite’s jaws
a crumb of steel

~ Billy Antonio

Sakura blossoms
drift downstream like nanobots
in my tired veins

~ Amber Logan

under smoking ruins
on an irradiated world–
a child’s toy

~ Daniel C. Smith

supernova –
on some planet are wise ones
following its light?

~ Lee Strong, OFS

shock-corridor B
patients jolted from psyche
to amour

~ WC Roberts

the pop of my thrusters
running out of fuel

~ Joshua Gage

Memorial Day
the captured astronaut
sizzles over the coals

~ Joshua Gage


full moon
row of amber eyes
just beyond our house

~ Christina Sng

Laser gun misfire
Hand melted around handle
They overtake us

~ Jean-Paul L. Garnier

in a dark wood
Bigfoot rumors

~ Anna Cates

Memorial Day
the captured astronaut
sizzles over the coals

~ Joshua Gage


alluring vision
enticing your heart to me
enthralled prisoner

return to me willingly
giving your life blood to me

~ Freya Pickard

Finding the Words

and sounds
of their new
world are becoming
more familiar; still, she knows they’ll
need new metaphors
for the colors
of grass

~ Lisa Timpf

Sundial Peak (diminuendo)

light struck stone pillar
no minute hand
shadow’s pace

~ Robert Shmigelsky