Meet the Editors – Under Construction

Our ‘Fearless Leader’ Tyree Campbell.

Karen Otto serves as the Managing Editor for Alban Lake Publishing, where she is the editor for two of their magazines, several anthologies, and multiple books. In addition, she maintains the social media presence for the company with the help of her husband, Bill Otto.

Karen can be reached on Twitter @editorotto or by email at

Terrie Leigh Relf, Drabble Contest Editor

Scifaikuest editor Teri Santitoro has a firm belief in James B. Baker’s mission to discover new writing talent. She also has a deep love for minimalist poetry, and has been spreading the word about it since editing the scifaiku anthology,

“Random Planets”, (Dot Publishing, June 2003). She combines both of these ideals in her work on Scifaikuest.

She lives in NEPA where she pursues her hobbies and hopes to retire from her day job sometime very soon.

You can contact Teri at:

Bill Otto is a random fat person who has access to the internet. Using said internet he helps his wife Karen Otto with all things Alban Lake, plays wicked awesome video games, and is learning the ropes of being an actual editor. His current project is The Haunted Life anthology, and in future times he will be in charge of Disturbed Digest. When he’s not doing all those other overly exciting things, he tries his hand at writing and helps his wife write.

Bill can be reached at and on Twitter @InfinityOtto.

Julia Perkins, editor

J Alan Erwine, Alban Lake Store Manager