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Guidelines for Disturbed Digest

We’ll keep it simple.

Disturbed Digest is a quarterly digest published by Alban Lake Publishing in March, June, September, and December. The editor is Tyree Campbell. The format is perfect-bound trade paperback, 6 by 9, color cover and b&w interior. Cover price is $9.00 unless it is a special double issue. Subscriptions are $32 for one year, $58 for two years. Copies and subscriptions are available in our bookstore.

Disturbed Digest publishes original dark fantasy and horror short stories, poems, art, articles, reviews, and interviews. Preferred are fantasy adventure stories and spooky horror stories. For us, this includes paranormal and vampire pieces. Also preferred are stories that take place on other worlds. Stories must have the following: characters the reader cares what happens to, plots and subplots, and settings that draw the reader into them. Must have.

Submit your work to In the subject line of the e-mail, put Submission plus your last name and the title of the work submitted [if poems, just put “poems.”] E.g., “Submission: Moorcock Elric.” Submit your story or article as an rtf, doc, or docx attachment. Submit poem[s] either in the body of the e-mail or in an attachment. Submit art as a jpeg attachment.

Note: Put your contact information in the upper left corner of your manuscript AND in your e-mail. Put the approximate word count in the upper right corner of your manuscript. Contact information example is:
Edgar Montrose
1101 Kaboom Street
Mushroom, NY 12117
paypal [if any]:
Note: If your submission does not include your contact information, Alban Lake Publishing reserves the right to delete your submission unread and without notifying you.

Disturbed Digest considers stories between 3,000 and 8,000 words long. We pay $20 for original stories, $10 for reprints. At most, we will publish one reprint per issue.

Flash Fiction:
While this is not our preferred medium, we occasionally will publish one or two. We consider flash fiction to be stories of 1200 words or less. We pay $8 for originals, but have no interest in reprints.

Disturbed Digest considers poems between 12 and 100 lines long. We pay $4.00 for original poems, $2.00 for reprints. At most, we will publish one reprint per issue. We do not consider scifaiku or related forms.

Disturbed Digest considers color cover art and interior art. We pay $20 for cover art, $6 for interior illustrations. We prefer art that suggests a story, rather than “portrait” art. It’s often best if the artist has a gallery we can browse; just send us the link, and we’ll check it out and get back to you.

Disturbed Digest considers articles, which includes reviews and interviews as well as essays having something to do with fantasy, horror, paranormal, or vampire. We are not interested in summaries, or copies of information from the Internet. Pick a topic–fantasy, horror, paranormal, vampire, or movie, or book, or person [interview]–and tell us what you think about it. Go into detail. If appropriate, cite examples. Note: if you are doing a review, state your position on it. If you disliked something, say so. Be fair, but be accurate. Also note: reviews of movies need to be timely.

We consider articles between 1,500 and 8,000 words long. We pay $10 for original articles.

There you have it. Again, we must insist on guideline compliance. Now, let’s see whatcha got.

14 thoughts on “Guidelines Disturbed

    • Disturbed is a digest, published quarterly. There is no cut-off date. When your story or poem or art or article is ready, please submit it.

    • Hi Natalie:

      That’s a good question. . .I’m finalizing the June issue, so if you submit anything within the next day or two, it may be considered for the first or the second issue. Since we’re going to have four issues per year, I’m not going to create specific reading periods for each issue.

      Hope that answers your question!


      Terrie Leigh Relf

  1. Hi. This looks like a great startup magazine, but a thought: writers may become Affiliate members of the Horror Writers Association if they sell a story (500 words or more) for $25, or three poems for a total payment of $15. If you raised your payment to $25 for stories and $5 for poems, you might attract more writers.
    (Note, I did try to send this via email but it bounced). Cheers, and I’m sure I’ll be submitting soon. 🙂

    • Thank you for your note, Selene. I’m a member of HWA, too, and while I can’t promise we’ll raise our rates soon, we’re working toward that status level. Thank you for your patience.

  2. I just submitted a short entitled Cattails with an accompanying piece of art. I do hope it suits your publication, whether now or in the immediate future 🙂

  3. I got a very nice letter of rejection and an even nicer acceptance for the first issue of Disturbed Digest. I was even paid promptly. This quarterly is a breath of fresh air in the short fiction market.

  4. Im very interested in this magazine. How many poems are you looking for in each submission?

  5. Is your word count hard or soft? I have a couple of stories just above 8500 words I am looking for homes for.

  6. i have a question for Terrie Leigh Relf, i recieved a email from you. it was concerning a article i wrote and your interest in it. however, when i replied i recieved a automated message back. is there another email address i should be responding to? thanks so much for your time and help.

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