CoreCon Ahead!

In just a few hours we’ll be on the way to CoreCon! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all the behind the scenes goodies.

If you’re at the convention, tell us you’re an Alban Laker, we might have something special for you!

Here’s to a good con!

Upcoming Appearances

We have a full schedule over the next couple of months!

May 24-27th we will be at CoreCon in Fargo, SD.

June 1-3rd we’ll be at Wizard World in Des Moines, IA – We have a coupon for this for you! Use the code 10LAKES to get 10% off your ticket price!

June 22-24th is SoonerCon in Midwest City, OK.

We’re also looking into three different cons in July, but more on that later.

Come visit us! We look forward to seeing everyone!

New Beginnings

Welcome everyone!

As you may have noticed, the page is looking a bit different. We’ve updated everything! Have a look around, stay a while, enjoy.

We have been working hard to bring you more content and make it all more accessible.

We’re offering advertising space in all of our periodical publications – Here’s that information – as well as help writing your book this November for NANOWRIMO.

And finally, we’re very excited to show you our new tote bags! These are super sturdy and can hold a large amount of books.

Click here to get yours

We look forward to hearing from everyone!