What Happened?!

Hey guys!

If you haven’t seen the posts yet, don’t worry! Alban Lake Publishing is still up and running better than ever. We’re moving to a new site and while this one will, for the most part, still be up we are going to be fazing it out over the next year or so.

Here’s the link to our new site! Alban Lake Publishing LLC

The original store is still open but so is our new store Infinite Realms.

If you’re one of our authors, that’s where the best place to buy your books is. Each of you has a unique promo code that will automatically add your discount in the check out. If you haven’t gotten your code yet – as there are a lot of codes to give out and it takes some time – email us at albanlake@yahoo.com and we’ll get it to you asap.

Let us know what you think!