Changes are Coming . . .

Hello everyone! We know we’ve been a bit secretive on Twitter and Facebook, but we can finally make some big announcements and let you all in on what we’ve been working on for you.

First thing, Alban Lake Publishing has filed paperwork to become a Limited Liability Company! This will allow us to do more and open up new avenues of growth and ability. It’s step one to help us become bigger and better. Don’t worry though, we have no intention of changing how we do things. As Bill and I move forward with the company we want to keep the same things going and to make sure that it’s easy for people to get in touch with us and submit their work. We just want to make the company bigger and better and more profitable for everyone. As our declaration says, “We want to connect authors to readers.”

And that takes us to our next point.

As of the first of July, Alban Lake Publishing LLC will be moving to a new website and this one will be shutting down.

The new website is Right now you can go and look around, but know that it’s incomplete and we’re still working on things, so it’s going to be pretty fluid. There will be some new rules taking effect, but not until July 1st. We’ll talk more about them in the news there and in our July View from the Lake. Remember the guidelines and rules are changing and will need to be read carefully once they are all up.

The next thing to keep in mind is that we have a new online bookstore. We’ve had it for a while and you’ve likely seen us advertise it. It’s the Infinite Realms Bookstore. The store you’ve known for so long will be closing down eventually but not for a while. You can find back issues and other books there but all new books, periodicals, and e-books will be going on the Infinite Realms site. We’re also hoping to sell the books of more independent authors there as well, and have some that are talking to us so we can get you all even more wonderful books to read and enjoy. If some of you have written books that have been published by things that aren’t Alban Lake, drop us a line at and we can answer your questions there if you’d like to put them up on the Infinite Realms shop.

The biggest benefit of the new store is to Alban Lake authors. You can purchase your own books here directly, rather than having to email us. Each author/publication will get their very own promo code. You just need to enter the code at checkout and you’ll receive the proper discount for your work. We’ll be emailing the codes around as fast as we can but if it seems like we missed you or you want it sooner, please feel free to email us first. Please also keep in mind, there are some things that we legally cannot print any longer. If you don’t find your work in the bookstore feel free to check with us to see if we have any copies left.

Finally, we’re working on making some changes to our periodicals. This is sort of a testing grounds for new ideas and things we want to see implemented in the future. So, we’re going to be turning some of our regulars into twice a year publications – in hardback – to make them more appealing, allow for larger stories and bigger books, and to test the waters for making other books hardbound and to see the cost effectiveness. We’re also planning on making the periodicals a bit more fan influenced by having contests with some of them. What we really want to see is our authors being able to see feedback directly from their fans and we hope to do this by having a hardbound “Best Of” edition where fans vote for the best of the best of things like Disturbed or Bloodbond. We haven’t fully decided everything but it is something we’re hoping to implement next year.

So there you have it. We’re working hard to improve things all around but especially for our incredible authors. We love being an independent company and being able to have authors talk directly to us; we always want to stay that way. We never want to be a company that requires agents and go betweens. We want to help independent and fledging authors get their work out there and achieve their dreams, just like Alban Lake helped us before we started managing it. We have many more ideas, including a forum and fan favorite pages, and we’d absolutely love to hear from you about what you’d like to see in the future.

Leave a comment below or email either one of us – and – and we’ll answer your questions as quickly and accurately as we can.

We’re very excited for the future and we want to thank all of you for the support and giving us the ability to make things better.

Here’s to the future!