Regarding Disturbed Digest

Hello everyone!

My name is Bill and some of you know me and some of you do not. I’m an editor here at Alban Lake, the husband of one of our head editors Karen Otto, and writer myself. I’m currently working on learning the ropes to be the editor of Disturbed Digest and I’m also the editor for The Haunted Life. The latter needs more submissions and you can find the rules for that here but for now I’m here to address Disturbed Digest.

Some of you may have noticed that submissions have gotten a bit behind. This is due to numerous issues, but I wanted to let people know that I’m doing my best to catch up submissions. There are a lot – still over 100 submissions left for me to read and that’s after clearing out and reading quite a few – but I am determined to get caught up as quickly as I can. I can’t actively accept submissions yet, I can only reject what isn’t up to standards for the magazine. I simply pass on the good ones to Tyree who is currently in charge for him to finalize in acceptance or rejection.

I’d like you all to know that if I do enjoy your story I make an effort to respond to you if only to tell you that I enjoyed it and would accept it if I could, or give feedback on how I think it could be better and if re-worked, make it into Disturbed. We get quite a few submissions every day, so I’m backed up and trying to get to the top, but it is a bit of a slow process.

For now, if you’ve submitted your story to another publisher, please let us know and we’ll pull it from our submissions. If not and you’d like to make sure it gets read for Disturbed, please, have patience. We do value your work and appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

I’d also like to say that I’m have particular fun and I’m getting the chance to read some truly wonderful stories and poems.

Thank you for your patience, and don’t hesitate to email us with any questions or even to ask about the status of your submission.

My sign off comes from an old cartoon called the Weekenders, and it’s likely you’ll see it in everything I put up here.

Later days.