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Welcome to Alban Lake Publishing!

Introductions are in order. Alban Lake Publishing is a small independent publishing enterprise with preferences for science fiction and fantasy novels, novellas, short stories, and poetry. We also consider spooky [not gory] horror, steampunk, paranormal, and vampire. We prefer original work, but will consider [a very few] reprints. Our publishing formats consist of print magazines and books, and eBooks. We publish material suitable for experienced readers, and we publish material for younger readers. We publish experienced writers and beginning writers, and all levels in between. We do work with beginning writers, and frequently comment on submitted manuscripts.

Our editorial staff at present includes:

Managing Editor: Karen Otto

Lead Editors: Tyree Campbell, Teri Santitoro, and Karen Otto, editors; Terrie Leigh Relf, drabble contest editor

General Administration and Sales: Tyree Campbell

Advertising & Marketing: Karen Otto

Alban Lake Store Manager: J Alan Erwine

Spaceports & Spidersilk: Marcie Tentchoff.

As stated earlier, we publish in print, in magazines and books. At the moment, we have seven periodic publications:

  1. Outposts Of Beyond, a 6 by 9 magazine published quarterly in January, April, July, and October, edited by Tyree Campbell. Outposts Of Beyond contains science fiction, fantasy, and subgenres in that vein, such as steampunk.

  2. Disturbed, a digest in trade paperback format, published quarterly in March, June, September, and December, edited by Tyree Campbell. Disturbed contains spooky horror, paranormal, and vampire.

  3. FrostFire Worlds, a 6 x 9 magazine published quarterly in February, May, August, and November, edited by Karen Otto. FrostFire Worlds contains science fiction and fantasy adventures for younger readers [9-17 and on up]. [Our material for younger readers is “kid-safe,” with no foul language and no “adult” themes].

  4. Bloodbond, a digest in trade paperback format, published semi-annually in May and November, edited by Karen Otto. The subject matter of Bloodbond is limited to vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters, including those on other worlds.

  5. Illumen, a digest in trade paperback format, published semi-annually in Spring [April] and Autumn [October], edited by Tyree Campbell. It presents sf/f poetry, and some darker poetry, plus other material related to sf/f poetry.

  6. Scifaikuest, a digest in trade paperback format, published quarterly in February, May, August, and November, edited by Teri Santitoro. It presents poetry in minimalist formats, and especially focuses on scifaiku, which is haiku with a sf/f twist to it.

All periodic publications present short stories, poetry, art, and articles, reviews, and interviews.

As for books, we publish novels, novellas, and anthologies. Our preference is for science fiction and fantasy novels and novellas. While we will consider spooky horror, paranormal, paranormal romance, and vampire, we are very picky. As regards anthologies, from time to time we will open to submissions for specific anthologies.

We have guidelines posted on our site for all magazines, and for novels/novellas. Most of the time we are easy-going, but we insist that writers follow our guidelines. In that regard, a word to the wise: do not irritate, vex, or otherwise confound the editor who makes decisions about your work.

Everyone is interested in the money. Alban Lake Publishing is a paying market. Rates are indicated in the guidelines. We certainly do not pay enough for you to quit your day job, but then only two or three percent of writers who actually write for pay are able to quit their day jobs, so don’t despair. The rest of us plod along and hope that some readers “see” the same things we do in our writing. We pay on publication.

In other news, we also issue a monthly newsletter on our site, called The View from the Lake. The newsletter contains various announcements, and sometimes an article or two that will help with your writing, and maybe one or two other items as they occur to us.

Alban Lake Publishing

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  1. I just got my contributor’s copy of Frostfire Worlds. What a fantastic magazine. I’m going to order a couple of copies for the young readers in my family immediately. This is my second placement with Alban Lake. You have a great company.

  2. I’m John J. Dunphy, the author of “Stellar Possibilities” and “Dark Nebulae.” I would VERY MUCH like to purchase wholesale some copies of “Dark Nebulae” to sell in my Second Reading Book Shop store in Alton, IL. Please contact me and let’s conduct some business!

  3. Sozar! Alban Lake is nearing its year mark! A parade on Boort will be order, n’est pas?

  4. On your home page you include a link to only one of your publications, and the link is broken. Are there websites for any of these magazines?

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